Cairo, New Road – Client: Skillcrown Homes Ltd

Acting Principal contractor for the demolition to a former a 2storey office block and linked attachments throughout!


Croydon, CR01XP


Horse developer

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About the project:

The works comprised of the demolition to a former 2 storey office block constructed of brick and mortar joints with flat timber / asphalt roof along with 3 single storey portal frame buildings constructed of steel beams with brick and block in-fills under asbestos cement sheet roofs.
The buildings are to be demolished to underside of slab and foundations with all hardcore materials crushed to 6F2 grade stockpiled on site for the client re-use. Asbestos was removed prior to our commencement by licensed contractor.

Project Challenges:

Tram link for London were within close proximity of our works, we were obliged to liaise with them at all times and adhere to their safe systems and procedures set out within the third party information provided.

A shared access meant we gave priority of way at all times for local warehouses regards to logistics caused by our works.

Completion Date:

December 2017

Health & Safety

The Health, Safety & Welfare of our employees, others and the surrounding environment are of the utmost importance and essential to the efficient operation of our company.


We take every care on site for plant and wildlife by ensuring a survey is carried out prior to commencement of work, by working closely with the appropriate authorities such as Natural England and alike, we ensure that plant life is undamaged and wildlife unharmed.

Quality Management

Sloane Demolition & Dismantling has implemented and maintains procedures and processes to ensure that all our legal and statutory responsibilities are understood and fully implemented.