Quality Management

Sloane Demolition and Dismantling Ltd are in the process of increasing our Quality Management Systems to include ISO9001, 14001 & 45001 In addition we are very aware of our Environmental and Health, Safety and Welfare duties and responsibilities.


Sloane Demolition and Dismantling Ltd has implemented and maintains procedures and processes to ensure that all our legal and statutory responsibilities are understood and fully implemented. The Company has composed its management system to integrate its essential management procedures, together with its identification of objectives and targets in order to attain continual improvements in both product, processes and also the levels of customer satisfaction.

The creation of quality is a strategic decision for Sloane Demolition and Dismantling Ltd to ensure that design and implementation of our policy is influenced by the varying needs and objectives of our clients and the regulatory environment in which we operate. We recognise that it is an essential part of the strategy for the maintenance and growth and profitability of our company and our clients.

We are committed to the provision of a professional, competent, committed and measurable quality service to our clients and customer base. Any such service must be provided within the legal and regulatory environment of the Health and Safety Executive.

This service is to be provided by the satisfaction of the established requirements and expectations of customers for quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability and maintenance of the legal requirements.

We intend to maintain this service by adopting a total commitment to the provision of a quality service by the setting of and compliance with standards of service and performance, codes of practice and utilisation of systems and procedures and compliance with our new ISO 9001 14001 & 45001 requirements once achieved

We will continue to maintain our quality system through monitoring both the service provided and the customer’s perception by continuous improvements in development.

All employees will enter a continuous training programme for the achievement of goals and to ensure integrity and quality.

Quality is a strategic issue but cannot be achieved without the commitment, training and co-operation of all employees and our company.

This is to provide confidence to our customers that our Quality Assurance Policy is mandatory on all employees and that they understand the meeting of the targets for customer, statutory and regulatory requirements

Health & Safety

The Health, Safety & Welfare of our employees, others and the surrounding environment are of the utmost importance and essential to the efficient operation of our company.


We take every care on site for plant and wildlife by ensuring a survey is carried out prior to commencement of work, by working closely with the appropriate authorities such as Natural England and alike, we ensure that plant life is undamaged and wildlife unharmed.

Quality Management

Sloane Demolition & Dismantling has implemented and maintains procedures and processes to ensure that all our legal and statutory responsibilities are understood and fully implemented.