Waste Management & Recycling


Waste Management & Recycling

Edit In today’s fast moving and innovative market place, management of the environment and sustainable development are two of the most crucial considerations.

Sustainable development is the key to maintaining resource efficiency especially in relation to the production, handling and re-use of demolition orientated materials.

Our Waste Management sector works strictly within government guidelines to protect the environment from improper handling and disposal of construction, demolition and hazardous materials.

The UK government’s target for C and D waste recycling is for a 50% increase in efficiency by 2012 and the elimination of landfill by 2020.

At Sloane Demolition and Dismantling we recognises that separation at source is vital to ensuring a robust and efficient waste management policy. Recycling targets regularly reach 95% for all materials, We aim to recycle more than 95% of the total volume of construction, demolition and excavation waste site. as part of our process demolition waste to produce various blends of aggregates for re-use.

Our experienced Waste Management sector has extensive working knowledge of all markets, to record our site waste management plans as required