Demolition​ & Soft Strip

Demolition & Soft Strip

The days of the old wrecking ball are gone. Demolition is now a controlled and well planned operation.

Demolition is now a controlled and well planned operation. Whether it’s an inner city tower block, an industrial site or a suburban housing estate, we will always apply the same high level of professional expertise to any project.

At Sloane Demolition and Dismantling Ltd we recognise retaining building has become a big part of our business Working closely with the client and their professional team we can complete either partial clearance of an interior or completely strip to cut and carve and structural modifications, We can assist in design and installation of temporary works if required.

All elements of demolition works will be closely supervised by our experienced Site Manages and Demolition operatives, all Staff are trained up to and beyond the required levels.

As part of our belief in socially responsible work practices, we operate an environmentally friendly policy that ensures we recycle the maximum practicable percentage of materials. Finally, because of our commitment to health and safety, we have dedicated teams who regularly visit all our sites to ensure the highest standards for both our workers and the general public.

Recognising the importance of health and safety and the environmental impact works have on the surrounding area we monitor projects to ensure that the effects of Dust Noise Vibration Vehicle movement are kept to an absolute minimum. Utilising where required specialist machinery.

When you’re working to tight schedules and budgets, you need to rely on a site being cleared as soon as demolition is complete. By using our own trucks, we control the removal of materials for either disposal or recycling.

A wide range of vehicle types means we can carry out haulage in a wide variety of locations and situations. We are authorised and licensed waste carriers.