Asbestos – Surveys, Management & Removal​

Asbestos - Surveys, Management & Removal​

Sloane’s Appointed Asbestos Specialist is a key component of our Demolition and Dismantling arm


Sloane Demolition management team provides a wealth of experience to the Asbestos Removal Industry from the initial contract enquiry to the contract completion Sloane will minimise and isolate all risks to protect the people based on site as well as our own staff.

We have built a reputation for providing a professional, safe and cost affective service for the removal of asbestos and naturally, we ensure that all asbestos-related operations adhere to the CAWR (Control of Asbestos at Work) regulations.

Within the Sloane Group we can carry out and produce the following surveys

  • The management survey (former Type 2 survey) – designed to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of ACMs, so that the Duty holder can prepare a plan for the management of asbestos
  • The refurbishment/demolition survey (former Type 3 survey) – a much more intrusive survey, designed to locate all the ACMs so they can be removed before the refurbishment (whether small scale or a large project) or demolition takes place. Aggressive inspection techniques will be required, so controls must be in place to prevent the spread of asbestos debris

Sloane carries out active monitoring and vetting, constant re-evaluation of procedures and work practices thus ensuring that high standards are met and implemented.