Archaeological Assistance

Archaeological Assistance

Certain projects we manage require detailed archaeological surveys. Archaeological investigations can cause considerable delays to a project and always require a degree of extra planning and consideration.

Today’s property professionals are required by law to protect and record historical structures and artifacts that may come to fruition on the sites they wish to develop.

Experienced developers meet this challenge by incorporating archaeology into their early risk assessment procedures and Sloane Demolition can provide experienced assistance in this field.

In order to make the best use of time, Sloane Demolition will, where possible undertake works in and around the area in which archaeologists are carrying out their investigations. This requires extensive risk assessment, planning and coordination between the parties on site, considerable benefits in time and cost savings can be realised.

In past projects Sloane Demolition have worked closely with the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) who are one of the largest archaeological units in the UK. They provide authoritative advice to developers and their teams throughout the design, planning and construction process.

Areas of MOLA’s expertise include buried archaeological remains as well as historic buildings, with the emphasis on smoothing the integration of archaeology with development.