Leybourne Grange, West Malling, Kent

The Manor House is a grade 2 listed building and was classed as an unsafe structure not to be entered.


West Malling, Kent


Housing Development

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Leybourne Grange is a Grade 2 listed property within then heart of the former Leybourne Grange Hospital, The structure was deem as a un unsafe structure and had to be made safe working from suspended man rider cages off 2 number 80 ton cranes.
The entirety of the building was stripped out leaving all four side elevations supported with extensive temporary works fixed internally and externally under full temporary works design as per BS5975 to include Cat 2 and Cat external temporary work checking
The correct design and execution of temporary works is an essential element of risk prevention and mitigation premature collaplse BS 5975 provides recommendations and guidance on the procedural controls to be applied to all aspects of temporary works in the construction industry and on the design, specification.
The Manor House had a basement within the internal footprint and was removed with very extensive temporary works required in order for it to be removed to enable safe underpinning and new ground floor bearing slabs.

Project Challenges:

Temporary works was required throughout each element of the deconstruction process. Prior to removing sections of the building a design cat 3 temporary works installation check was required. The building was very poorly constructed & damaged due to very poor maintenance over the Manor House previous life span.

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November 2018

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