Isleworth – Client: London Square

Acting as the Principal contractor Demolition of former car motor showrooms and small industry buildings to make way for residential apartments


Isleworth, TW75AG


Residential Housing

Estimated Value:


Project Images:


About the project:

The works comprise of the demolition of 9 former units with various small link on buildings attached:
2 x single story steel framed clad building 3 x two story Brick built building
1 x single story double weighted steel clad framed building
2 x single story garage building 1 x two storey brick built garage
The buildings were par

Project Challenges:

Working alongside Network rail boundary / live track side, assisting NR spokesman. Erection and protection of design screening segregating off construction/demolition interface to the local school.
Noise and vibration had to be taken into consideration in respect of local school
Asbestos and carcinogens within ground below slab were monitored with success to avoid cross contamination

Completion Date:

November 2015

Health & Safety

The Health, Safety & Welfare of our employees, others and the surrounding environment are of the utmost importance and essential to the efficient operation of our company.


We take every care on site for plant and wildlife by ensuring a survey is carried out prior to commencement of work, by working closely with the appropriate authorities such as Natural England and alike, we ensure that plant life is undamaged and wildlife unharmed.

Quality Management

Sloane Demolition & Dismantling has implemented and maintains procedures and processes to ensure that all our legal and statutory responsibilities are understood and fully implemented.