Contamination Removal & Land Remediation

scenes of site ground preperation

When a project is bound by health, safety and environmental restrictions; demolition works become a far more complex and planned operation.

With government regulations and a shortage of green-field sites, developers are increasingly turning to urban redevelopment sites. Many of these sites in the past have been for industrial use, this can include the use of hydrocarbons such as oil, asbestos and heavy metals which can lead to significant levels of contamination both above and below ground.

view of trench digging

At Sloane Demolition we understand these challenges. We offer surveys to assess sites and identify if there are contaminating materials such as asbestos and other contaminants, we will prepare separate method statements for their safe removal and disposal. We are skilled in recycling and disposal methods to ensure materials such as asbestos and hydrocarbons are removed quickly and safely, whilst minimising the impact on the environment and the development programme. We have the specialist expertise to remove all contaminated ground and other materials to approved land-fill and other recycling disposal sites in our fleet of specialised vehicles. We can also arrange barrier installation and other remedial work, if needed, prior to construction.